President 2022: Macron and Le Pen in the second round

PMA for everyone, equal pay, single-parent families … All presidential candidates are proposing in the struggle for women’s rights, and this makes this presidential election a real issue.

Since January 2022, 28 women have been killed by their husbands or ex-husbands. 113 women were killed last year. It’s been more than two years … Nevertheless, there has been violence against women “Five-Year Priority” By Emmanuel Macron. The president and candidate said in an interview with LCI and Elle magazine “big reason” its next five-year term, if elected, will be “still” gender equality. Because there is still a lot to be done. This is not the only figure that shakes your spine: in 2018, according to the UN Women, only 9.8% of the world’s countries were headed by women. One in three women worldwide is physically and / or sexually abused by her partner at some point in her life. According to the latest INSEE figures, women earn an average of 23% less than men. There are many examples. Especially important is the latter: 79% of French women believe that women’s rights are important and even a priority in the proposals of presidential candidates. Where are we?

Let’s start with Valérie Pécresse. Many remember his bad voice in the middle of the campaign for the regions: “There’s nothing better than a woman doing housework!”he shouted during the trip. Shoot. Then the Le Petit Journal program, led by Yann Barthes, prepared its own cabbage in this sequence. The current candidate Les Républicains had to explain: “Like all working women, they support me a lot, and I don’t intend to act any differently.”, he justified himself in front of Jean-Jacques Bourden’s microphone on BFM TV. However, the Valérie Pécresse program makes proposals on women’s rights. Increase emergency placement, a “Catch plan” to get equal pay in companies … The candidate also wants to train police officers to better care for women victims of violence. When you know that a site has been created to list the expressions of disobedient women born of the #DoublePeine keyword, which has become viral on Twitter.

Starting with the same observation, Yannick Jadot, a candidate for Euro-Ecology Les-Verts, announces the launch of a core training plan for all professions (police officers, as well as teachers, justice) that will face him to identify violence. specialists, etc.). To listen to them better, Jadot wants to allow women to complain, especially in hospitals. Another way to protect victims, Emmanuel Macron announces: wear victim protection devices via electronic bracelets or phone “Severe danger”. Especially today, almost 25% of families are single parents. 82% of them are single mothers of one or more children. Therefore, this question is important in the candidates’ proposals, especially in the Marin Le Pen program. On International Women’s Day, a candidate for the National Rally announced that he wanted to double the support allowance for single parents, which currently stands at 116 euros. “She quickly realized that single mothers could take advantage of the problem”Jean-Remy Baudot, political journalist emphasizes. “Among the candidates, their personal story is the best example of this problem. It is easier for him to use the understanding of the difficulties of this part of the population. “, remembers. Marin Le Pen actually raised three children alone for several years. However, the journalist recalls: “She is not in a position to finance or inherit. can be compared to the vast majority of French women raising their children alone. He is probably sincere in his approach, but it is also a very capable political position … ” Today, however, the candidate said he was opposed to extending the legal deadline for abortion, and that it was at the center of discussions in the presidential election.

It was Emmanuel Macron’s five-year period that the probability of having an abortion increased from 12 to 14 weeks. Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is now proposing to abolish the dual conscience clause, which allows medical professionals to refuse abortions. Pécresse, he wants abortion to be included in the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. The fact is that Eric Zemmur believes that he is alone “The best defender of women.” He does everything, especially in front “big boys”. But another topic that crystallizes the debate over women’s rights is the PMA for everyone, the candidate Conquest Again! and Fabien Roussel wants the opposite: the communist candidate wants to make it more public, like adoption, but also the Ministry of Women’s Rights.

Many proposals are on the table with all the candidates for the presidency: the abolition of prostitution, or not, leave for menstruating women, paternity leave, cover … But first of all, many want to celebrate equal pay. Punishing companies like Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Anne Hidalgo’s side for disrespecting it is a goal of equal pay for Russell a year … Will women, who still make up half of the population, finally become a priority?

Angele Chatelier

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